View File to PrintHow many times have you burned your fingers or hands lifting a bowl from the microwave or carrying a piping hot bowl of soup from the stove to the table? Probably as much as we have. Here’s an easy-to-make solution to burnt fingers and spilled soup. This project was created by Irene and Gabrielle at the Gresham Craft Warehouse. This project takes about an hour.


Supplies to make one (1) soup cozy.

  • 2 – 10” square pieces of 100% cotton fabric
  • 2 – 10” square pieces of Wrap and Zap Natural Cotton Batting *
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
  • Pen, pencil or other marker that won’t show through your fabric
  • 100% cotton thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Ruler
  • Optional but helpful is a walking foot for your sewing machine.


*We also recommend Warm Tater or Warm and Natural Plush (as long as it is scrim free).  

Warning: Do not use insulated batting as it contains metal. You must use all 100% cotton. Anything other than 100% cotton can catch fire in the microwave. Do not use fabrics with metallic thread, glitter, or pearl fabrics.

Before you begin this project, please read all instructions and assemble the supplies. 3/8” seam allowance is used for this project.

This will make one soup cozy holder for a normal size soup or cereal bowl, about 20” in circumference.



Do the following steps with each piece of batting:

1. Fold the batting in half; make a small mark to show the center on each side.  Now fold the batting in half the other way, and make a mark to indicate the center.  Take the ruler and draw vertical and horizontal lines.  It should look something like this (diagram 1)

diagram 1

2. Take the ruler and draw lines across diagonally from each corner (diagram 2).

diagram 2

3. You will now create a “dart” on the vertical and horizontal lines (diagram 3).

diagram 3

4. Measure one (1”) inch from away from the vertical line on both sides at the top of the line and the bottom of the line.  Make a small mark.  You will be connecting this up soon.

5. Measure down 2 ½ inches make a mark.

6. Now do the same with the remaining lines.

7. Using a ruler, draw a line from the 1” mark to the 2 ½ inch mark.

8. Do this to create 4 darts on each piece of batting.

9. Place the batting on the wrong side of the fabric with your drawn lines showing and pin to hold the layers.

10. Sew all the diagonal lines first, then make the dart lines.  To make the darts, fold the fabric and batting so the 1” lines match up and pin, making sure that the dart lines also match down to the dart, pin again.  Sew on the dart lines.  Do this for the remaining three other darts.  (The horizontal and vertical lines are not sewing lines, they are to help make the darts.)

11. To reduce the bulk,  trim approximately ¼” from each dart sewing line.  Do this for all darts.

12. Put the two batting/fabric pieces right sides together.  Mark a small mark or use two pins to indicate the start and stopping sewing points, leaving about a 4 inch opening in the middle of a side.  This is where you will turn the cozy right side out.  Back stitch at the beginning and end.

13. Clip almost to the seam at approximate 1 inch intervals.  This will help ease the turning to right side out.

14. Turn right side out.  Tuck the seam allowance from the turned part in and pin in place.   Press both sides of the bowl.   Top stitch 1/4” from the edge all the way around the soup cozy.   You may hand or machine stitch the opening closed if you aren’t confident that the edges are secure inside the top stitching.

**Change it up, use leftover charm squares, an orphaned block, or a crazy quilt block.

Tip: If you would like to make these larger, simply make the squares of fabric and batting larger. 12″ or 14″ is good. Darts can be made deeper, but we recommend no larger than 1/2″ unless your squares are bigger than 14″.


Sew up a Soup Bowl Cozy. Free Pattern from Craft Warehouse