Jelly Roll Rug Pattern and RollJelly Roll Rugs are all the rage right now and with good reason.  One 42 pc. Jelly Roll pack of 2.5″ quilting strips makes one rug. Here are 3 more reasons we love the Jelly Roll Rug.

  1. They’re super fun to make and are actually quite addicting (we dare you to make just one).
  2. They look awesome. It’s surprising how much they brighten up a room.
  3. They’re a great way to incorporate your favorite color scheme/fabric collection into a room
  • Bonus point: You can easily make them into placemats or centerpiece mats, too!
Making a fabric strip rug for your house

This rug was made with the Sunshine Garden collection by Darlene Zimmer for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Craft Warehouse is carrying the pattern Jelly Roll Rug by Roma Lambson. Lambson, who was inspired by old vintage braided rugs, created a pattern to make an oval rug using quilting strips. The finished rug is approximately 30″ x 44″. 

Her pattern has many helpful hints and tips. The pattern calls for cotton batting. We asked Lambson if it was possible to use polyester batting instead. Her response was that polyester doesn’t have “memory”. Because of this lack of memory, you will most likely end up with a rug that curves and will not lay flat. That was something we wanted to avoid, so we stuck with 100% cotton batting.

Katrina from our Design Team made a number of these Jelly Roll Rugs in many different sizes. Here are her tips.

Katrina Tips:

  • Connect all of the batting strips with the batting seam tape before sewing, not as you need them.
  • Use Clover Wonder Clips to keep the fabric in place as you fold and sew. It makes it so much easier on your hands and makes the project go faster.
  • If you’d like to make placemats, it will take approximately 7 yards of “tubing” to create a placemat that is approximately 17″ x 13″. One Jelly Roll pack will make 4 placements.

Making a Jelly Roll Rug

Places you can use them: front door, back door, bedside, bathroom, kitchen sink, laundry room, in front of your favorite chair, one for the dog, one for the cat…you’ll be surprised at the many uses you’ll have for this rug pattern.

Game Day Jelly Rolls: Use our two of our Wilmington Gem strip packs in your favorite team colors to create the perfect rugs, placemats or table centerpieces for game day!

Make a Jelly Roll Rug