View File to PrintWe have a favorite basic quilt pattern here for you today. We love this pattern as it is good for a beginner quilter and fast for an experienced one.  Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics.

Click the print icon to get a project sheet with alternate pattern ideas.

Some of our stores may have kits available for you with the top fabric and binding. You can see more examples of quilts and lots of gorgeous quilting fabrics at the Craft Warehouse stores.

The finished size is approximately 45″ x 60″.

Supplies Needed:
• Quilt Top: Fabric #1-6 (½ yd each
• Binding: 1/2 yd
• Batting
• Backing
• Rotary Cutter, ruler & mat
• Sewing Machine
• Thread
• Iron
Option: Want to make quilt larger? Add borders! (need additional 2 ¼ yd fabric) Read complete instructions before cutting!

NOTE: Basic quilting knowledge required. This is a great first project for a beginner, but we recommend you have a good basic quilting reference book to help show you how to assemble your quilt. (Most quilting magazines have a  basic  how-to section which will help you with the finishing process).

Quilt Top Cutting Instructions

1. Fabric #1 – Cut three strips 5 1/2” x WOF (width of fabric). Cross cut into 5 1/2” squares (approx 21 squares total)

2. Repeat for Fabric #2 – #6. Suggestion: From your scraps, cut a small sample piece from each of the 6 fabrics. Tape these to piece of paper and label Fabric #1 thru #6.  This will help you when you lay out your blocks

3. Binding – Cut five stripes 2 ½” x WOF.  Set aside

4. Piecing instructions: For best results, use consistent  ¼” seam allowance.

Assemble Quilt Top

1. Arrange blocks as desired (9 per row, 12 rows). Design can be totally random or it can be more structured. (Don’t know where to start? Try laying out blocks using one of the arrangements we have provided for you on the reverse side– one of these may strike your fancy!)

2. When you are satisfied with your arrangement sew the first row. Press seams in one direction.  Label this strip Row 1 – Post-it notes work great!! Hint: To avoid mix-ups while sewing, take a digital picture of your lay-out.

3. Continue with Row 2 – press in the opposite direction of Row 1. Label.

4. Repeat Step 2 & 3 for the remaining 10 rows.

5. Quilt (or tie) and bind your quilt using your favorite method.