View File to PrintThis dog bandana looks great on your special pup and it’s a better choice than a regular bandana.

Because this bandana attaches to the dog’s collar it’s safer for them and it won’t get lost.

This pattern gives you directions to make the bandana double-sided as well.

Give your best friend a new look for weekend hikes or the dog park.Making a Dog Bandana

• 1 FQ or 2 coordinating FQ’s for a reversible bandana
• Mary Ellen’s Best Press
• Frixion Pen or another disappearing marker
• Thread, pins, scissors

Before you begin to cut out the pattern, measure your dog’s collar as he is wearing it.  This will determine what size bandana to make.  While you are there, measure the width of the collar too.  The casing in this pattern is designed for a collar up to 5/8” wide.  If the collar is wider, you will need to add 1” at the top of the pattern.  Press each FQ with Mary Ellen’s Best Press before cutting to help minimize stretching of the fabric.

You will be using a ¼” seam allowance.

Bandana width at widest point (approximate):  XS=6”, S=8”, M=11”, L=14”


  1. Referring to the measurements for each size, cut the appropriate size pattern.
  2. If you are making a single-sided bandana, press under ¼” all sides.
  3. Fold and press under again on the sides to the V.  Stitch in place.
  4. Fold the top down 1” creating a casing.
  5. Stitch close to the edge of the casing.

For a reversible bandana, cut a bandana from each coordinating fabric.

  1. With right sides of the fabric together, stitch the top seam, leaving an opening of 4”-6” in the middle.
  2. On each side, measure down 1” or more from the stitching line, depending upon the width of your dog’s collar. Mark that spot on both ends.
  3. Begin stitching at the mark.  When you reach the V, take a stitch or two across the V and sew up the other side to the pin mark.  By sewing across the V instead of to the V, you will have a smoother point.
  4. Carefully clip across seam allowance of the V, but not into the stitching.  Turn the bandana right sides out and press.
  5. By hand or machine, stitch the top opening closed.
  6. Measure down from the top 1” or more depending upon your dog’s collar and draw a stitch line.
  7. Stitch on this line to create the casing.  Press and stitch the casing seam allowance to prevent raveling. Top stitching below the casing is optional