We have a great book in the stores that can help you make festive and seasonal pot holders all year long. These pot holders are a great gift, a good way to use up scraps, and a fun way to make quick sewing projects.

“Pot Holders for all Seasons” by Chris Malone has great directions and pictures, a great book for a beginner. These potholders are all so cute you’ll want to hang them up and not put them away in a drawer.

Pot Holders for All Seasons

Most pot holders in the book take an hour or two to make. We recommend using Insul-Fleece by C&T Publishing. The Craft size package will make 12-15 pot holders (figuring average pot holder size is 9″ square). You can find this, along with the book, at all Craft Warehouse locations.

Apple Potholder from Potholders for All Seasons