View File to PrintThis modern looking pillow is made with the Lori Holt (from Bee in her Bonnett) Thimble Ruler.

The Ruler is to be used with a 5″ precut squares for quick and easy cutting of tumbler pieces. A thimble shape is more often called a Tumbler shape. They are the same thing in this instance.

Katrina from our Design Team created this pillow for Craft Warehouse using the Thimble Ruler.


Please read through all instructions before beginning. Use ¼” seam allowance throughout.


  • 1/2 yard of main fabric or 2 fat quarters
  • 1 solid color fat quarter
  • 2 one-inch buttons, Velcro or snaps
  • 12” x 16” pillow form
  • 5” Thimble (or Tumbler) Template
  • Thread to match main fabric.



  1. Cut 11 tumblers from your main fabric.
  2. Cut 9 solid color tumblers.
  3. Sew two rows of 7 tumblers, alternating main-solid-main-solid-main.
  4. Sew one row of 7 tumblers, alternating solid-main-solid-main-solid.
  5. Sew the solid-main row in between the main-solid rows.
  6. Trim the pillow top to 13” x 17”. Set aside.
  7. Cut 2 rectangles, each 17” x 9½” from the main fabric. On one long edge, press a slightly less than 1” fold.  Fold over again and press.  Repeat with the other piece.
  8. Stitch button holes and buttons, Velcro pieces or snaps about 6” in from each side. Refer to photo below. If the pillow back doesn’t measure 17” x 13” when it’s fastened together, trim it to this measurement. Leave the pillow back unfastened. With right sides together, match the edges of the pillow top to the bottom.  Pin and stitch the pillow together.
  9. Turn right sides out. Press.  Insert pillow form and fasten the back opening.