Felt Pattern Display at a Craft Warehouse storeOur quilt shop design team has been having a lot of fun creating a series of felt patterns made specifically for our 6″ x 6″ wool felt sheets. Our Seasonal Felt Patterns are sold in a pack with approximately 8 patterns.

The patterns work great together or alone. You can choose to sew them or make it a no-sew project and use glue to create them.  You can make sweet little stuffies by filling them and making them dimensional – or keep flat and use for banners, for a felt board, or for appliques.

The projects you can make are really endless. Make a lot of the same stuffed pattern for strong impact and place in a favorite bowl or basket.  You could even fill the stuffed ones with our Pumpkin Sachets to create a lovely smell to fill your home while they look pretty sitting there.

Make some tiny stuffies for party favors, create pin cushions form the patterns, make banners for the home, work, classroom. Create placements and mug rugs, add felt appliques to clothes or pillows.

So many ways to use these felt patterns and wool felt squares. Check out the gallery below to see some projects and come into any store soon to get more creative ideas.

About Wool Felt

Wool Felt is heavier than craft acrylic felt and is easier to cut. It’s available in a stunning range of colors. Our wool felt is perfect for special projects like banners and ornaments. We also carry the Wool Felt in 12″ x 18″

About Gluing Felt

There are a number of glues that are good from gluing felt. Fabric glues are good. For these projects we used Aleene’s Clear Tacky Glue. Tacky Glue works as well as a glue gun. The main glue you would want to avoid is any plain craft glue like Elmer’s Glue. Basic craft glues are generally too thin to hold the fabric.