1. Take out glass from the center of your frame and set aside.
  2. Place Mini Dots Scrapbook Paper on the front side of your frame and trace the cut-out in the middle of the frame, then cut out.
  3. If there is any paper going over the outside edges trim to fit then glue your paper to the frame using glue stick.
  4. Trim paper to fit each side of your frame then glue using glue stick.
  5. Wrap washi tape around the outside edges of your frame.
  6. Place a coordinating paper a little over half way down your frame, then trace around the photo opening, cut out and glue.
  7. Choose a photo or a message card to place in the photo holder (“Under the Sea”)
  8. Cut paper/photo to fit into photo holder.
  9. Place in photo holder and close up the back.
  10. Add stickers, using pop-dots to create dimension.

Designed by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse

doodle bug under the sea nursary scrapbook paper washi tape stickers

doodle bug under the sea nursary girls frame


doodle bug under the sea nursary girls frame