Medford Row by Row Experience – Home Sweet Home

Where is Medford?

Medford, Oregon is midway between Portland and San Francisco, they are the hub of Southern Oregon and Northern California, blending family, lifestyles, artistic and cultural resources all create a vibrant place for people to live, play and visit.

Medford offers an array of year-round attractions, outdoor activities, unique festivals, exciting events and spectacular scenery.  Medford is surrounded with historic wealth, cultural attractions, and even a National Park. Medford invites people to explore mile after magnificent mile of beautiful southern Oregon to discover some of the reasons the residents here are proud to call this region home.

Our Story

The Row by Row Experience theme for 2016 is “Home Sweet Home”, but to tie all the Craft Warehouse rows together we added a subtle element. Each of our rows include a red door meaning “Welcome”.

The history of the Medford and Southern Oregon inspired our row. The two feature blocks represent the historical Wood House and Crater Lake.

Row by Row Wood House Medford

Susan Hart in front of Wood House

The Wood House was built by Marvin Sylvester Wood crica 1870. Marvin Sylvester Wood a wounded Civil War Veteran who was officially listed as deceased during the war came to the Southern Oregon area in 1868 along with his brother Dennis Wood. A homestead was established just north of Eagle Point, Oregon. Dennis Wood died in June of 1869 leaving Marvin to manage the existing homestead and a land patent was filed in May of 1870, at which time the existing house was constructed.

Row by Row Wood House Medford today

photo courtesy of Gary Wilkinson

Since the beginning in 1870, the Wood House has fought heavy rains, snow, the Columbus Day Storm, hail, fire, vandalism and county politics, and through all of this the house still remains to welcome you to come and visit. See how western primitive living really was in the late 1800’s! While in town stop by the Medford Craft Warehouse to get you row.


Row by Row Crater Lake Medford

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake has long attracted the wonder and admiration of people all over the world. Its depth of 1,943 feet (592 meters) makes it the deepest lake in the United States, and the ninth deepest in the world. Its fresh water is some of the clearest found anywhere in the world. The interaction of people with this place is traceable at least as far back as the eruption of Mount Mazama. Founded May 22, 1902, Crater Lake National Park is the fifth oldest national park and the only national park in Oregon. Crater Lake inspires awe, fed by rain and snow, it’s perhaps the most pristine lake on earth. Artists, photographers, and sightseers stand in wonder at its blue water and stunning setting. Come visit, and be amazed! Before you leave stop by Medford Craft Warehouse to get your row.