Gresham Row by Row Experience – Home Sweet Home

Where is Gresham?

Gresham located in Northern Oregon is the fourth largest city in the State. Positioned on the east side of the Portland metropolitan area, Gresham is the second largest city, with over 100,000 residents. Gresham has a diverse population made up of longtime residents, young professionals, families, and new immigrant communities. Over the last 20 years, Gresham has experienced rapid growth from a rural, farming community to a burgeoning urban area that provides a high quality of life for its residents.

Our Story

The Row by Row Experience theme for 2016 is “Home Sweet Home”, but to tie all the Craft Warehouse rows together we added a subtle element. Each of our rows include a red door meaning “Welcome”.

We selected Mt. Hood and the ubiquitous evergreen tree to set the scene for our row. Always in the background locals enjoy the wondrous Mt. Hood and its various seasons of snow year round. Always amazing, watching the sun rise over the mountain is one of the charms of the area, and never disappointing. We incorporated the trend and our love vintage trailers into the row.  And last but not least, our mysterious Sasquatch.  Do you have your bumper sticker?