Staycation? Sleepover? How about going to a summer day trip? Make travel fun with this travel game board!


½ yard of chalk cloth
½ yard of 1 sided Peltex
1 fat quarter
18” of para cord or ribbon
Thread to match fabric
Optional: 505 spray


1. Cut chalk cloth into 16” square.

2. Cut peltex into 16” square.

3. Cut fat quarter into 18” square.

4. Knot the ends of the paracord or ribbon.

5. Center the peltex square to the center of the 18” square following the manufacturer’s directions.

6. Press all edges of the 18” fabric square under ½” inch.
Roll Up Chalk Cloth Bag and Travel Game Board

7. If using the 505 spray, lightly spray the peltex square with 505. Center the chalk cloth onto your peltex square and press it in place with your hands. Fold the pressed edges of the fabric over the chalk cloth and pin in place.
Roll Up Chalk Cloth Bag and Travel Game Board

8. Stitch close to the folded edge.

9. Find the center of the paracord or ribbon and pin it 9” from the top right side of your hemmed square. Stitch it in place.

Grab your chalk and have fun on your travels!