Has your town gotten hooked with the recent spin on Rock Painting? People all over the country are painting rocks and then leaving them around town, in parks, on trails, in public buildings and downtown streets. It’s a fun and creative way to combine art, physical activity and community. This is part of a larger idea called Art Abandonment. Over the last few months it has really caught on in our region and Vancouver, Washington probably has one of the largest and most active communities for rock painting and hunting.

Painted Rock waiting to be found - Rock Painting and Hiding at Craft Warehouse
Look for the hashtag or a Facebook group for a town near you. They’re all usually called something like (Your City) Rocks. For example Vancouver’s is called Vancouver “Rocks”. Artists post pictures of their rocks, say where they are leaving them and hopefully the finders post about it, too. It’s important to have the hashtag on the back of the rock, so people know where to find more info. Need some painting inspiration? See our Rock Painting Pinterest board.


What you’ll need:

Rocks!  If you don’t have a source for rocks. Craft Warehouse carries some nice smooth River Rocks that are great for painting. Get some acrylic paint, brushes, some embellishments like glitter or googly eyes and a good sealer (we like the Americana Sealer spray or Outdoor Mod Podge) so that the paint job will last on the rocks while they are outside.


Rock Painting Supplies for hiding rocks at Craft Warehosue


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