Reclaimed Bottle Firefly Chandelier

  1. Use a floral wire wreath and cover with large burlap ribbon, making loops and securing to floral wreath. Set aside
  2. Then remove each of the bottle bases using the bottle cutter. Lightly sand the glass till smooth.
  3. String 3-strand firefly lights inside the glass bottle.
  4. Wrap with wire around the top of the bottle 2-3 times then connect to the burlap wreath at the length you would like it to hang.
  5. Wrap jute string around the top of the bottle like shown in the photo then connect to the wreath for extra support.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 two more times.
  7. Then at the top of the burlap wreath use jute in 3 places to hang.

Reclaimed Bottle Firefly Chandelier
We cut the bases off the bottles, added a little sand and tea lights in a glass tray and placed bottles over the tea lights.
This would also look great on a long piece of reclaimed wood as a long centerpiece using multiple bottles. With battery operated tea lights you don’t have to worry about the flame, just sit back and enjoy the glow!