Happy Fall Y’all! Get this pretty vintage finish by using chalk paint on the outside of your clean clear canning jar.

This paint sticks to the glass! For a distressed look you can lightly sand the dried paint with sandpaper.


  1. Clean glass and lids with soapy water, then go over the our side of the glass with rubbing alcohol. (This helps make sure there is no moisture on the glass and the paint will adhere easier)
  2. Choose the color you want to paint your glass, sponge paint on to glass using a blotting motion.
    Let first layer completely dry.
  3. Paint 2-3 more layers allowing each layer to dry.
  4. Paint the top of the mason jars lid and metal ring. Using the same technique as you did for the jars.
    We used wood dowel rod caps for the top. Paint with chalky paint to match the lid.
  5. Screw lid on the mason jar once dry.
  6. Glue dowel to the top of the lid using E6000 glue.
  7. Take a 8″ strip of green floral wire and bend it in a loop around the bottom of the dowel cap, then twist the wire around a pen or pencil to give it a curl. trim extra wire.
  8. Add ribbon as your final touch and you are done!