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These oracle cards are the original Moonology cards, and many would agree the very best! They were designed to help you tap into the Moon?s ancient feminine wisdom and form a powerful spiritual and divination tool that will guide you.
This deck is structured into four parts to reflect the journey of the Moon through the year, with cards for New and Full Moons in each sign of the zodiac, the different phases of the lunar cycle, and Eclipses and Supermoons.
Use this deck to:
Create your life. You can decide if you like what you?re currently creating for your future or you can decide to do something to change the path you?re on.
Planning your life. See which cards come up and make some solid plans.
Predict your life. Once you start to become familiar with the cards, you will see that you can make some very clear predictions for yourself and anyone you read for.

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44 card deck

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