ImpressArt Signature metal stamps are professional quality stamps, manufactured to the highest standard for durability and alignment. Stamps are engineered from hardened steel and rated to endure stamping on soft and hard metals up to Stainless Steel*. Sharp character edges ensure crisp, deep impressions project after project. Characters are marked on side of stamp for easy identification and orientation.Each letter and number set comes in ImpressArt’s patented storage case. The case features labeled slots for each stamp to keep them organized and for easy access.

Rated for soft and hard metals up to Stainless Steel*. Lightly coated with oil to prevent rust* Rated for stamping on Alkemé, aluminum, pewter, copper, brass, silver, gold, and other metals up to 56HRC Rockwell Hardness.


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Includes:Full Moon, 4mm Half Moon, 4mm Crescent Moon, 4mm Fine Crescent Moon, 4mm Features:Extra sharp character designs for crisp impressions.

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