Gelly Roll Moonlight works like a paint pen on colored papers, vellum and photographs. The fine line allows for the ink to dry with very little wait time, minimizing the risk of smearing.

The creamy, smooth, opaque ink is perfect for writing in journals, decorating cards, pattern drawing, or detailed accents. All colors are bright on white paper and produce outstanding effects on quality black paper. The fluorescents even glow under a black light source, popping the colors right off the paper.

Create fine lines on any artwork and leave a colorful mark that s uniquely your own. Moonlight ink comes in two types: archival* and fluorescent *


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Sensationally brilliant opaque colors on dark-color papers and photos with 1.0mm ball.

  • Attractable-writing on black or such dark-color papers.
  • Smooth-writing, very dense ink and constant ink flow from start to end.
  • Fluorescent colors glow under a black light source (UV lamp).
  • No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers.
  • Line width: 0.5mm.

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