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Crystal Art kits by Craft Buddy is a brand of crafting products that add sparkle to your life! Let the designer in you shine ? create stunning projects with a technique that is like painting by numbers. Each crystal art design has a numbered template. Using the magic pick up pen, simply lift the colored crystals and place them on the corresponding numbered dots. They affix instantly! Each Crystal Art kit includes a coded adhesive design template, Double-sided crystal pick-up pen, Jelly wax, Coded pre-sorted crystal packets, Grooved crystal tray, Plastic storage bags, Instructions.

The Crystal Art Medium Framed Kit wall art is conveniently mounted on a wooden frame, so it’s wrinkle free and ready to display after it’s embellished. Framed canvas is 11.8″ x 11.8″. No unnecessary unrolling of the canvas, pressing out creases, or searching for a frame, which makes it a perfect gift both before or after crystals are applied. The technique is a relaxing and therapeutic craft activity, suitable for adults and children (ages 8+) alike.

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