Bee You Collection

“Bee You” by Shelly Comiskey of Simply Shelly Designs

Shelly Comiskey of Simply Designs has put together a fun line of bees, beehives, daisies, textures and honeycombs. Available now at Craft Warehouse! The sayings all inspire positivity! Her color palette of black, yellow, sweet lime green and white all together make a happy collection for any kitchen, sunroom or bedroom décor. There is a patchwork, a novelty stripe, an allover bee design, a bias plaid, a simple stripe, tossed honeycombs and beehives.

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Bee You

Like most artists, the passion to create goes back to the earliest of memories. That is no different for Shelly. Homework papers turned in with doodles. Hours in front of the television, not watching, but drawing all the cartoon characters. And not happy just coloring from a coloring book. Nope. She had to draw her own characters to color. From crayons to clay art just made Shelly happy. That is true today!