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Craft Supplies for any craft at Craft Warehouse

Crafts….it’s what we’re all about. This is a selection of basic crafty supplies we have that have multiple uses. This is a small percentage of what we carry. Some in and visit us soon. Look at the events section for your preferred store for lots of free and low-cost classes you can take.

  • The GLOW basic LED light pad is an illuminated craft surface that works great for scrapbooking, quilting, illustrating, lettering, and many kinds of craft projects. The light pad comes with a GLOW self-healing mat.
  • These unfinished wood block candle holders are one of the staples at Craft Warehouse. You can do so much with them. Add papers, paint, and stencils. Do woodburning on them. Add a candlestick holders or feet to the bottom to give them a fancier spin.

  • Beacon Fabric Glue is like a glue gun in a bottle!  This crystal clear adhesive is used to bond fabric, wood, leather, suede, felt, glass, trims, & much more. Works well with yarn, too.
  • PVA stands for Polyvinyl Acetate.  This adhesive is an archival PH neutral glue that dries clear. It's flexible, permanent, low odor and fast setting. It's been a favorite of book makers and paper crafters for many years. Also works with wood vinyl and crafts.
  • FolkArt's 3D Acrylic Paints are perfect for creating intricate dimensional art for indoor or outdoor projects. Each paint comes in a 2 oz. squeezable bottle with a built-in fine point writer tip. Non-toxic. Satin Sheen. Water based.

  • The Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks come in packs of three coordinating colors. Use to create colorful designs on any non-porous material like ceramic, glass, glossy paper and metal.

  • Milk Paint has been around for centuries. Folk Art has created a Milk Paint like that is pre-mixed and ready to use. It brushes on smooth like a stain would but dries with an opaque flat finish. Lots of colors to choose from!  
  • Sculpey Oven Bake Clay stays soft until you bake it. Bakes at 275° for 15 minutes. Clay can be sculpted, rolled and painted on. 2 oz. package

  • Show your home state pride with these unfinished wood state signs. They run from 6" to 24". State shapes for OR, WA and ID.

  • Crystal Knobs aren't just for drawers and cabinets. You can use these vintage looking knobs in all kinds of craft projects.
  • A super strong glue stick that works especially good bonding paper to wood, fabric or embellishments. A crafter's must-have tool.

  • Beacon 3 in 1 glue is a strong glue that dries clear and is kind of gummy, which make it great for gluing dimensional items. This glue is used often by our Design Team.

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