• Each pack includes two stainless steel ball chains. Lobster clasp attached to end of each ball chain. Includes 4-inch extender to increase necklace length from 18-inch up to 22-inch. Chain width 1.5mm (0.06-inch). Made in the USA.
  • Each pack includes two stainless steel ball chains. Lobster clasp attached to end of each ball chain. Includes 4-inch extender to increase necklace length from 18-inch up to 22-inch. Chain width 1.5mm (0.06-inch). Made in the USA.
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    Easily shapes soft metal bracelet blanks into a classic, flat top cuff shape that sits nicely on the wrist with ImpressArt's Bracelet Bending Bar Kit. This Bracelet Bending Bar kit bundles two different-sized aluminum bracelet blanks along with our bracelet bending bar to help you get started stamping personalized cuff bracelets that you can wear, gift, and sell. Kit includes: ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Bar(4) Aluminum Bracelet Blanks, 1/4" x 6", 14 gauge (4) Aluminum Bracelet Blanks, 3/8" x 6", 14 gauge
  • Bracelet Guides make it easy to space out your stamped letters in a straight line. Each sticker includes three indicator lines to help identify the center of the blank. Best used with 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch bracelet blanks. Each book includes thirty-six stickers.
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    ImpressArt Dapping Kit

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    A dapping block and punch are used to form soft metals* into a dome shape. ImpressArts Dapping Kit has one curved depression that can easily add a domed effect to stamping blanks up to 1-¼-in diameter. The depression provides a scratch-free, non-marring surface that produces an even, smooth curvature to pendants and more intricate designs. Its multi-storage options allow the dapping block and punch to be stored upright on top of a work bench or flat inside a drawer. To use, simply place stamped blank inside depression and hold punch in center of blank. Then strike punch with a metal stamping hammer until blank is domed.
  • Get ahead of the curve... with ImpressArt's Essential Bracelet Kit! Our Essential Bracelet Kit includes bracelet blanks and all the essential tools needed to align stamped impressions and bend bracelet blanks into cuff shape. Essential Bracelet Kit includes: Bracelet Guides: Evenly space out and align letters in a straight line Stamp Enamel Sample: Darkens stamped impressions Bracelet Bending Bar: Bends bracelet blanks into cuff shape Bracelet Bending Pliers: Achieves a perfectly round cuff(4) Bracelet Blanks 1/4" x 6", Aluminum(4) Bracelet Blanks 3/8" x 6", Aluminum
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    ImpressArts patented Ergo-Angle handle provides ideal positioning for clean, even impressions. One pound head provides optimal weight for deep impressions. Short handle design features multiple holding options for maximum control and comfort. Brass head provides a soft striking surface eliminating double impressions.Brass head is replaceable.
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    Start on your stamping journey with all of the right tools! Essential Hand Stamping Kit features the basics that you'll need to get started stamping letters, words, and designs onto metal with stamps, a hammer, sticker guides, and more. Use the instructions and tools to make personalized metal creations.This kit includes all the essential tools ImpressArt recommends to start hand stamping metal jewelry and keepsakes. The Ergo-Angle Hammer is designed to leave deep and even impressions, while the large steel block provides a solid, comfortable stamping surface. A 3mm signature uppercase letter stamps that are great for beginners (Your choice of Bridgette OR Homeroom). The kit comes complete with Stamp Tape and Stamp Guides to align letters as well as a Stamp Enamel Marker to make stamped impressions stand out. The kit also includes 4 keychain projects, a practice blank, and a convenient storage box to store all your hand stamping tools and supplies. Kit Contains:1 - Soft Steel Metal Stamping Hammer1 - Signature Bridgette Uppercase Letter Stamps (3mm)1 - Large Steel Block With Rubber Feet70 - Stamp Guide Stickers1 - Black Stamp Enamel Marker1 - Stamp Straight Tape4 - 3D Rectangle Practice Blanks1 - Aluminum Practice Blank4 - Split Key RingsKeychain Project Kit.Instructions
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    This budget-friendly kit includes the essential tools needed to start hand stamping metal jewelry and keepsakes. The stamps and tools are all specifically chosen to ensure an easy and successful introductory experience.The Soft Steel Hammer is designed to leave deep and even impressions, while the conveniently sized stamping block provides a solid stamping surface. Basic 3mm uppercase letter stamps that are great for beginners. These stamps are engineered from hardened steel and rated to endure stamping on soft metals*. The kit also includes 4 keychain projects, a practice blank, stamp guides, and a stamp enamel sample.3mm Basic Hand Stamping Kit Includes:-Soft Steel Hammer -Stamping block + Rubber Pad-(8) Straight Stamp Guides-Stamp Enamel Sample-Bridgette™ Basic Letter Stamps, Uppercase, 3mm - -(2) Circle, Aluminum Blanks; (2) Rectangle, Aluminum Blanks; (4) Spilt RingsPractice Blank
  • Cleaning or polishing blanks and buffing them to a high shine will be easy with these fine and extra fine grit blocks from ImpressArt. These blocks are just what you need to breathe life into your hand-stamped pieces.Includes: 2 Polishing Blocks (1.75" x 2 ")
  • Bring your hand stamped pieces to life. Buff metals to a soft, non-glossy finish. Use coarse grit to soften sharp edges and shape soft metals. Use medium grit to create a brushed matte surface.Includes: 2 Buffing Blocks
  • ImpressArt's metal cutting shears can cut up to 20 gauge sheet metal. Metal shears feature a serrated jaws with a spring actions design making it simple to cut for you metal stamping projects.
  • It's quick and easy to add texture to your hand-stamped pieces with our Multi-Function Hammer Kit. The set includes three different 6mm texture stamps and a nylon head, so its like four hammers in one! Use the interchangeable stamps to add hammered, dapped or flattened effects to your creations. To use, simply insert an ImpressArt 6mm stamp into the head, tighten the handle, and stamp repeatedly until desired effect is achieved. Includes a texture stamp (add sprinkle pattern texture design), ball pein head (create artisan hammered textures), chasing head (texture, planish, and shape metal), nylon head (flatten metal without marring). *Brass hand stamping head sold separately. Our Multi-Function Hammer can also be used with other 6mm texture and design stamps available from ImpressArt. Add this handy, versatile tool to your stamping arsenal for endless creative options.
  • ImpressArts new stamp enamel marker is a black acrylic ink used to darken stamped impressions so your design will be clearly seen. Convenient applicator marker makes highlighting impressions quicker, easier and cleaner.Simply run the tip of your marker over the stamped area from left to right, wait 3-5 minutes, and wipe away excess ink with a paper towel.
  • Stamp Guides makes it easy to space out letters, stamp in a straight line or curve, and stamp Mandalas and other intricate patterns. To use the Straight or Circle guides, simply stick a guide to your blank, line up your stamp with the spacing line, and stamp along the top ridge. To use the Pattern Grids, stick the transparent grid on your blank, and use the grid lines to stamp symmetrical patterns.Each book includes fourteen straight guide stickers, twenty-eight pattern grid stickers and twenty-eight circles guides stickers in assorted sizes.
  • A steel block is an essential tool needed to metal stamp. Constructed of solid carbon steel, it provides a solid work surface for hand stamping, shaping, flattening, and texturing metals. Protective rubber feet help minimize noise, protect work surface, and prevent block from moving while stamping. ImpressArts Large Steel Block is perfect for hand stamping bracelets and other large pieces while ImpressArts Small Steel Block is perfect for hand stamping on-the-go. Size 2-inch x 2-inch x 3/8-inch. Includes rubber geet.
  • Scratch protectors prevent scratches and reduce distortion on the back of discs from stamping. The gridline pattern acts as a guide for stamping symmetrical messages and designs. Simply place on steel block before stamping. Each book includes (20) 2" x 2" stickers.
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    Artistic Wire Nylon Jaw Bending Pliers prevent marring and marking on wire and components as the wire is bent into a gentle curve. Use these stainless steel pliers to form a complete circle for a bangle bracelet, or gently form a flat component into a perfect curve. Works on flat, round and shaped wires. Always wear safety glasses.
  • Add a spark of color to your hand-stamped pieces using ImpressArts Crystal Setter Kit with birthstone-colored crystals.Rated for stamping on soft metals: Alkemé, aluminum, pewter, copper, brass, silver, and gold.How To Use:Hold crystal setter flush on blank. Strike with medium force until a round indentation is formed on the blank. Secure flat back crystal inside stamped impression with G-S Hypo Cement or your favorite jewelry adhesive, and allow to dry. Note: Non-jewelry adhesive may leave a haze effect on the crystals. Learn more on the Setting Crystals technique page. Kit Includes: 3 Crystal Punches 1.8mm, 2.5mm, and 4mm. Birthstone Crystals 72 of each size (6 each of 12 colors)


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