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Great Selection of Art Supplies at Craft Warehouse in OR, WA and ID

At this time Craft Warehouse does not sell online. Here are some examples of products in our departments. Find all the basic art supplies you need and more at Craft Warehouse. We carry fine art supplies, craft supplies, pens, pencils, watercolors, acrylic, chalky paint, paint pens, canvases, markers, paper, poster board, glue and adhesives, spray paint, jute, twine, and so much more.

  • Unicorn Spit is a Glaze, a Paint, and a Gel Stain - all in one bottle. Dilute with water to create a stain. Works beautifully on unfinished wood, glass, metal, wicker, concrete, and laminate. Use to create new pieces or refinish old ones. Make your project as opaque as you want. Incredibly versatile paint.
  • This Acrylic Medium Flow Improver will improve the flow of your acrylic paints without diminishing the color. It makes covering large areas easier. Can be added to paintings to add vibrancy and a bit of gloss. Also used in pour painting and as a transfer of images onto wood. Not an adhesive.
  • Posca Paint Pens are opaque, vivid, non-toxic paint pens that can write on almost any surface. When used on non-porous surfaces like glass or chalkboards it can be erased, but on porous surfaces like paper, it will be permanent. These pens are used often to decorate surfboards, skateboards and to write on windows. It shows up well on light or dark surfaces. Comes in multiple tips size.

  • FolkArt's 3D Acrylic Paints are perfect for creating intricate dimensional art for indoor or outdoor projects. Each paint comes in a 2 oz. squeezable bottle with a built-in fine point writer tip. Non-toxic. Satin Sheen. Water based.

  • Dazzling Metallics Paints by Deco Art are a premium, all-purpose, permanent metallic paint that is easy to use and adds instant pizzazz to a project. Use in all kinds of projects and on all kind of surfaces. Made with the brightest metallic flakes available. Opaque coverage. 2 oz and 8 oz sizes.

  • Wood Panels are designed like Canvases. They have a depth and sides. They great for all kinds of art or painting projects. We carry sizes from 4x4 to 24x36 in two depths.

  • Watercolor pencils are part pencil and part watercolors. Use dry or add water to blend and create more texture. Easy to use. They work for many different mediums. Available in various size packs.

  • Misket Liquid Frisket is a masking fluid, most often used in watercolor applications. The masking fluid blocks the paint pigments on the page where it was applied. Once dry you peel it off to reveal the clean paper underneath. Use to create highlights to a painting or to use as a silhouette in artwork or to mask out words.

  • This Gold Leafing Pen by Krylon is also available in Copper and Silver as well. For use on Wood, Metal, Plastic, Craft Foam, Paper Mache, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Fabric, Silk Flowers, Paper, Wicker
  • The Marabu Easy Marbling Kit is a perfect and easy way to start discovering the fun and beauty of marbling your own papers and dimensional items. The kit comes with 6 quick-drying paint colors.

  • This Blending Kit is made to be used with the Tombow Dual Brush Markers.The slick palette makes it easy to blend colors and then apply them with the markers or the blender brush. The kit also includes a spray mister and an instructional blending guide.
  • Dual tipped brush markers by Tombow are incredibly versatile. Each pack of ten comes with a clear blender pen. Beautiful colors that blend with each other to create all kinds of ombre effects. Great for lettering, fine art, coloring and more.

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