This is the first project in our Employee Design Team series! Our Vancouver store is first up with this fun display! Whether you place this decorated distressed drawer on your porch, sun room, or inside – it will remind you of what you love about the outdoors. The subway art looks hard, but really it is only a vinyl that all you need to do is rub on the surface to apply!


1 Large Distressed Drawer
1 Porch Rules Vinyl in White
3 Small Hooks
1 11×14 Sheet of Chicken Wire
1 1/2 yards – 5/8″ Braided Jute Ribbon
Two 4″ 3D Stars
1 1/2 yards – 7/8 Striped Canvas Ribbon, plus 2 additional pieces about 4-6″ each
Staple Gun
Wire Cutters
E-6000 Adhesive

Porch Rules Sign


1. Carefully apply vinyl wording to the inside of distressed drawer in the largest opening according to package directions.

2. Cut a 14″x4″ piece of chicken wire to fit across the two small openings on the bottom of the drawer and then set aside.

3. Take the two 4″ stars and remove the small ring from the top of each star with the wire cutters. Lay the drawer flat and apply glue to each of the stars, then place them in the corners of the small openings. Let dry.

Porch Rules Sign

4. Now apply glue to each of the small hooks and carefully place them above the vinyl at the very top of the drawer, about 2″ apart. Let dry.

5. Once the glue is dried (about 4-6 hours), take the cut piece of chicken wire and place it over the small openings. Staple the wire to the drawer.

6. Take the 1 1/2 yard pieces of both the ribbons and wrap around the chicken wire, then tie in a simple knot with 2″ tails. Tie two more knots on the two outside hooks using the additional two 4-6 inch pieces of canvas ribbon to complete the project.