Personalized Initial Coffee Mugs are simple, fun and a great gift. Just place on a letter vinyl and dot away using ceramic pens, Then remove vinyl letter!

Creating an intital mug cup at Craft WarehouseDirections:

1. You can use a vinyl letter or print out an initial on vinyl paper or try using a regular piece of paper. The vinyl means it sticks clean on the mug which makes it easier to handle.

2. Once the letter is adhered where you want it. Take the markers of your choice. (Our Pebeo Markers come in fine and medium tip) and place dots close all around the letter. A good place to start is to outline the outside of the letter with dots first and then work outward.

3. Once the letter is surrounded by dots you can then start putting them further out, giving more space between them as you move them further away from the initial.

4. Allow 24 hour for your mug to dry

5. Peel the letter off.

6. Put the oven in a 350° oven for 30 minutes. Turn oven off after 30 minutes and leave mug in the oven until the oven is cool

7. Enjoy your cool new mug!