The Paper Mache Pumpkin crop is in!

Love vintage?- decoupage them with newsprint! Prefer your pumpkins glamorous? (and shiny) Spray paint them with mirror paint spray. Traditionalist? Paint them orange with craft paint. OR- what if you painted them with chalkboard paint!!! – Whoa!…

Here we painted the Paper Mache Pumpkins with Americana Black Chalkboard Paint.

Then “Seasoned” the pumpkin ( this is when you take a piece of white chalk and rub it all over the surface, then lightly whip off the extra chalk flakes, this makes it look like a chalkboard instead of just black paint)

Then we used a white Bistro Marker to add the white lines.

Finish off with a burlap ribbon tied to the top!

Tip: You can also use regular chalk and right words like “SPOOKY” for Halloween and “THANKFUL” for Thanksgiving.
Or if you are a Zentangle Art Doodle fan you could Zentangle it!Paper Mache Pumpkin