Get a head start on creating for Halloween! These Halloween Paper Mache Cone projects are perfect to decorate your home and then make great gifts near the holiday!


Undecorated Kraft Cones
Halloween Paper
Mod Podge
Black Paint
Foam Brush
Martha Stewart Scoring Board
Terra Cotta Pots for Trees
Candy Corn
E6000 Glue


1. Cover the cone with paper and cut to fit the cone.

2. Use Mod Podge to cover the cone with the paper. Use the Mod Podge as glue and as a sealer. Smooth the paper down with your fingers before it dries if it starts to wrinkle.

3. Decorate your cones with ribbon.

4. Paint the dowels and pots black. Let dry. Glue the dowel to the inside of the cone at the point and glue to the other end of the dowel to the bottom of the pot for stability.

5. Fill the pots with candy corn. Tie ribbon around the pots. Decorate the front with rosettes!