These paper mache cones are perfect for all fall seasons! Create one for a mantel or a few to place in a wood tray for fun center piece!


3 Large Paper Mache Cones
1/2 yard of Burlap with make 3 cones
3 Strips of Leaf Garland
Beacon Fabric Tack Glue


1. Start with covering the 3 large Paper Mache cones with Burlap fabric.

2. Create a pattern buy opening up one of your paper cones then tracing the cone on to your burlap fabric leaving 1″ extra fabric around the entire cone. This will give you room to over lap the fabric.

3. After you cut the burlap for all 3 cones glue your cone back together using beacon glue.

4. Lightly spread glue around your cone, This doesn’t take much glue.

5. Then roll up the cone with your burlap fabric.

6. Trim top and the extra fabric on the bottom fold into the cone giving it a little glue inside to hold the fabric in place.

7. Give the top of the cone a little glue so it doesn’t unravel.

8. Last wrap garland around cone and secure with glue at the top and the bottom of the garland.

9. Repeat steps 2 more times.

10. Place in a decorative tray to create a beautiful fall center piece.

Tee-Pee Cones


Large or Medium Triangular Cone
1/2 yard Cotton Duck Fabric
Beacon Fabric Tack Glue
4 ply & 2 ply Jute String
Chevron burlap ribbon
Black Felt
Small Dowel Sticks
Glue Gun & Scissors


1. Take the cone and open up one side of the cone so you can create a pattern.

2. Trace your cone on to the back of the fabric.

3. Cut out leaving a 1distance between the trace mark and the outer edge you are cutting. This will give you extra fabric to over lap on the cone.

4. If you are creating more than one cone cut out your fabric now using the cone as a template. Then glue cone back together using your glue gun.

5. Cut the top of your cone about an inch down, I used a sharp kitchen knife or mini saw so the cut was straight.

6. Wrap the fabric around the cone and glue the seam with Beacon Fabric Tack glue.

7. Cut an up side down slit in the duct fabric where you want your front tee pee door to be. Then glue back the flaps with fabric glue.

8. Cut a triangle to fit in the hole with black felt. Glue to the cone.

9. Glue the extra fabric to the bottom inside of the cone.

10. Take your 3 small dowels cut them to length then bundle them together and wrap them with 2 ply jute down from the top of the dowels. Place through the top of the cone, flip upside down and add hot glue to each dowel rod so they glue one rod to each corner of the inside of the cone.

11. Wrap Larger jute to the top of the tee pee and glue with glue gun.

12. Wrap chevron ribbon around the middle of the tee pee and glue using beacon fabric tack.

13. Place in a tray as a center piece with fall fillers, like pine cones or leaves.