OSU glass block can go where ever you go, with a battery operated light set your tailgater will shine!

Create your own in minutes!

1. Start with washing the block with soapy water and make sure it completely clean and dry. Set up an area to spray outdoors.Design Master Tint It
2. Spray Design Master Tint it in Mango about 5 coats. Letting each coat dry in between spraying.

Design Master Tint It
3. Once you have it the color you would like add Holographic Plastic Sheet to the front of your block. (This gives it that star light look)
Holographic Plastic Sheet

Holographic Plastic Sheet

4. Then add your team sticker or Letters over the top of the Holographic Plastic Sheet.
5. Then add your battery operated 30ct. Firefly Lights
battery operated 30ct. Firefly Lights

6. Decorate it with ribbon or Tulle!