Messy Bun Hats – the Top Knit and Crochet Project this Winter

The Messy Bun Hat Trend at Craft Warehouse

Have you seen the Messy Bun Hats that are all over social media? It’s the kind of thing that makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of this before? A Messy Bun Hat is a knit or crochet beanie-style hat with a hole in the top so your bun or ponytail can poke out. No more smashing a hat on top of all of your hair making your hair flat and your hat lumpy. With a Messy Bun Hat a person with long, curly or thick hair can let their hair breathe while still keeping warm and wearing a hat. It’s pretty brilliant.

You can visit our Create post to get 2 free patterns to make a messy hat bun from Mary Maxim.

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