We have projects for every type of crafter in this special blog series. We will show you how we did it, and what you need to do it, all found on the shelves of your local family owned and operated Craft Warehouse stores.

What can I do with only 3 mason jars?Mason Jar Inspiration

Use three jars that can be the same or different sizes, add some filler such as moss or marbles then accent with a hand tied piece of ribbon.

Another option is to take a bag of sand, some rusty wire and a few yards of jute.It can be so calming and relaxing! Just add some tea lights or votives and you have your own day spa!Mason Jar Inspiration

Make a mason jar caddy for most any area of your home. Glue together the three jars, then ‘tie’ them together with jute or ribbon.Mason Jar Inspiration