Create this trendy Marquee sign without breaking the bank! It will be the highlight of your holiday decor!

Fiskars Fingertip knife
Montana Red Acrylic Spray Paint
• Drill
• Drill Bit
• 3 sets of Globe lights
• Glue gun
Large Paper Mache Letters


1. Start by marking where you want your lights to go on the front of your letter.
2. Drill holes where you have marked.
3. Gently open the back of the letter using Fiskers finger knife, leaving an edge so you can seal it back together.
4. Spray paint the outside of the letter.
5. Take bulb out of the strip and place globe light socket coming through the back and placing in the hole in the front.
6. Secure light socket using glue gun around the socket inside the letter.
7. Repeat for the other letters then put bulbs back in the socket.
8. Plug in and you have a Marquee Joy Sign