Lia Griffith Crepe PapersWe’re excited to be carrying Pacific Northwest artist Lia Griffith’s line of high-quality German-made Crepe Papers and a smaller selection of Frosted Tissue Papers. If you have never worked with crepe paper before then you may not realize how much the quality can make a difference. You need crepe paper to have a stretch in it, to be easily moldable and to have that lovely thick rich feel that these Lia Griffith Crepe Papers do.

The Crepe Paper packs come in a double-sided option with 130% stretch and a color on each side. These are wonderful for making petals and leaves that have a slightly different color inside than outside.

We also have the 10 pack of assorted colors in the Heavy Crepe Paper. These ten packs come with a free Flower Pattern in each pack. The Heavy Crepe Paper has a 250% stretch. The high stretch measurement of a crepe paper means that it is that much more moldable, stretchable, twistable. You will be surprised how easy it is to make these beautiful flowers look real when with some simple manipulations (check out the video below to see how easy it is).

We are also carrying a selection of her Frosted Tissue Papers. Those packs come with a free flower pattern as well.

Samples of Crepe Paper Flowers from Lia Griffith

Some beautiful samples of Crepe Paper flowers from Lia Griffith

Making Crepe Paper Anemones

Lia Griffith has a tutorial for making Anemones that we wanted to share with you. You can download the template here >

Video Tutorial