Yarn and macrame wall hangings are having a revival right now. You are probably seeing woven or simple yarn hangings in lots of magazines, living rooms, and commercial spaces. Creating a yarn wall hanging yourself is as easy as you want it to be. It doesn’t take much to make an impression.

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Sarah from the Craft Warehouse Design Team created these simple yarn hangings with metal hoops. The end result looks so lovely – sophisticated, bohemian and a little retro. Try lots of things when you’re making these. If you don’t like it you can always untie it all and start again.


• Yarn of your choice
• Metal hoop or hoops (these are found in our yarn department)
• Scissors


1. If you’re going to use two hoops as shown here attach hoops by wrapping yarn around neatly at the top. To secure yarn, wrap yarn around a tail that is tucked under the yarn. when done tie off in the back. Add a drop of glue to keep secure.

2. Cut off a piece of yarn (make longer than you think you want it. You can trim it all later). If you want your yarn hanging thicker try using 2 or 3 pieces doubled over. We used one strand for the dark purple and about 10 for the top loops.

3. Double the yarn and loop it over the hoop with the knot facing out. Fill out until you are done.

4. If desired trim the bottom of the hanging to the desired shape


How to make a yarn hanging from Craft Warehouse

Tip: You may find that the longest portion of time you spend making this is just looking at it and deciding whether it’s done or if you want to add more. Here are two finished ideas we had for the purple yarn wall hanging:


Purple Yarn and Hoop Wall Hanging from Craft Warehouse

Another way to go with the gold hoops and yarn is to suspend the hoop as a decorative element and make the hanging on a wood dowel. These small wall hangings are perfect for a bohemian-styled airy space.

Gold hoop yarn wall hangings from Craft Warehouse

Another way to design your wall hanging is to use some natural elements in it. Grab a stick from your yard for a dramatic base for your wall hanging.

This heathered oatmeal colored yarn from Vanna White is the perfect touch to complement the natural style of this wall hanging.


How to make a yarn wall hanging from Craft Warehouse

Wood branch yarn wall hanging at Craft Warehouse

This project made by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse