If you are ready for some Valentine’s Decorations that are not all red and pink here is a stylish and fun alternative.  Sarah from our Design Team made these with mason jars and filled with candy hearts and a flameless votive. So cute! Here are the directions so you can make your own. All supplies available at Craft Warehouse stores.



• Vinyl Adhesive Sheet
• 2″ Heart Punch
• Pint-size Big Mouth Mason Jar
• Spray Chalkboard Paint
• White Fine Tip Paint Pen
• Candy Hearts
• Flameless Votive
• Bakers Twine
• Tag
• Chalk


  1. Cut out a heart from the vinyl and adhere it to the smooth side of the mason jar. Smooth it and make sure all the bubbles are out
  2. Spray jar with Chalkboard paint and let dry
  3. Once dry, peel off the vinyl heart.
  4. Use the paint pen to draw tiny dots around the heart
  5. Once that is dry, use chalk to “cure” the jar. Just rub chalk over the jar (avoid the painted dots) and wipe off.
  6. Fill with candy hearts and votive
  7. Tie on twice and any tags you want to add.
  8. Optional: you can use the chalk to write on the jar, too.

how to make a chalkboard mason jar valentines day votive

This project made by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse