These Glass Marbles have a flat back to make them easy to glue onto any surface. They are a popular craft supply at Craft Warehouse and there is a lot you can do with them.  In this craft, Sarah glued them onto a mason jar with a glue gun and then sprayed them with the TintIT Transparent Dye.

Supplies for making glass marble lanterns from Craft Warehouse

With the TintIT spray, you control how dark it is. Each coat is a light layer of transparent color, so the more you layer the darker it will be. TintIT sprays are great for creating graduated colors – whether it’s one color or three that you’re blending.

Use the finished mason jar as a lantern, a vase or both (with fake candles and flowers of course). We also put some firefly lights in it for a brighter look. These lanterns would look amazing in an outdoor patio setting.

lights in Glass Marbles on this Mason Jar with TintIT Spray from Craft Warehouse

Interested in what else you can do with glass marbles? Well, take a look at this display from the Hazel Dell store! Oh, the possibilities!!

Glass Marble Craft Projects from Craft Warehouse