Making this Yarn Wrapped Initial is easier than it looks when you use any of the self-striping yarns we carry at Craft Warehouse. No need to change skeins or choose coordinating colors. The cakes of yarn have multiple colors in them and as you wrap they will change. Want to make your own?  We have various size letters and fonts to choose from at Craft Warehouse. Keep in mind that the smaller ones may not show as much of a change in yarn as the larger ones would.


  • Large initial of your choice
  • 1 cake of self-striping yarn
  • Glue – we used a Glue Gun
  • Optional: Felt flowers or other embellishments, Slat board for mounting.


  1. Depending on the letter you use, you may need to start and stop the yarn so that the striping shows up where you want it. For example with the letter W here, we needed to stop and glue the yarn end to the back and then find more of the same kind further into the skein so that the top of the W on all parts was the same.
  2. Apply glue in parts and begin wrapping how you need to. The back won’t be seen, so feel free to cut and glue the back when needed.
  3. Once the letter is all wrapped with the first layer you may need to go back and wrap some again to cover areas that got missed.
  4. Optional: if you are using a dark selection of yarn, you may want to paint the letter so that if a part of wood shows you won’t see it as much.
  5. To glue letter to a slat board, use the glue gun.
  6. Hang up or prop up.
  7. Admire your work

Project made by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse

Making a yarn wrapped letter at Craft Warehouse