Make this: Unicorn Hoop Wall Hangings

View File to PrintUnicorns! They are supposed to be elusive, mysterious and, oh yeah, mythical – but it’s not hard to sight them (or their likeness) everywhere these days. Unicorns are very popular again and this project is a totally fun craft to whip up in time to celebrate National Unicorn Day (April 9th).

The Unicorn Hoops shown here were made with 4″ and 6″ embroidery hoops. This project was designed by Craft Warehouse Team Member, Sarah.


Supply List for 4″ Pink Hoop:

• 4” Embroidery Hoop
• Glitter Scrapbook Paper (horn)
• White & Pink Felt (ears)
• 3 Flowers (floral or scrapbook dept.)
• Lyon Brand Yarn Ice Cream Collection called Tutti Frutti
• Light pink yarn to match the Ice Cream yarn (7yrds.)
• Glue Gun
Unicorn Template


Supply List 6” Embroidery Hoop Blue:

• 6” Embroidery Hoop
• Gold Glitter Scrapbook Paper (horn)
• White Felt & Blue Glitter Paper (ears)
• 3 Flowers (floral or scrapbook dept.)
• Blue Candy Shop Yarn by Premier Yarns
• Glue Gun
Unicorn Template


Directions (demonstrated on the 4″ hoop):

  1. Take the inner circle out of the hoop and set aside for another project.
  2. Take the pin out of the top of the hoop.
  3. Wrap your pink yarn tightly around the hoop. Tip: this will take about 7 yards so if you want to cut off the length you will be using, that’ll make it easier to handle as you wrap.
  4. Once you have finished wrapping the hoop with yarn tie a knot at the top of the hoop and leave 2” of extra yarn.
  5. Tie the color you want to use in the center (we used blue) to the end of the hoop yarn (pink).

Unicorn Craft: Wrapping Yarn around an Embroidery Hoop


  1. Wrap the yarn around hoop changing the angles like shown in the photo.
  2. When done creating the inside yarn pattern, tie your yarn at the top of the hoop and trim.
  3. Gather all colors of yarn (blue, dark pink, light pink, yellow and white) and wrap each one around a ruler 8 times to create 8 – 24” yarn strips then cut at the bottom of the ruler. Repeat for each color.


  1. Take one of each color out of the yarn piles to create one multi grouping. Repeat with all. 
  2. Fold one of the multi-groups of yarn in half and loop through the hoop like shown in the photo.
  3. Place bottom of yarn through the hoop to make a knot.

  1. Repeat steps above for the rest of the yarn strips.
  2. Cut out Felt ears and horn using the Unicorn Template.
  3. Using a glue gun, glue ears to the back of the hoop.
  4. Then glue the horn and flowers to the front of the hoop.

Create a unicorn wall hanging with yarn and a hoop

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