Shrinky Dinks into Lighted Garland for Valentines Day

Shrinky Dinks and our Firefly Lights are a match made in heaven. You can create any kind of image, color it in, and then adhere to the Firefly Lights to have a custom made lighted garland that looks great for any party.

They also make a great addition to a kid’s room, a college dorm room and pretty much anywhere.

Bonus: Did you know that you can shrink the dinks easily with a heat gun (no need to use the oven)!

Sarah Owens from the Craft Warehouse Design Team created this Valentine Sweetheart Shrinky Dink Lighted Garland.

You can get the template for the sweetheart images here >

With the Shrink Dink paper we have at the stores you can even print it directly on to your inkjet printer.

There is more information on how to create this Shrinky Dink Lighted Garland in this previous post >

Shrinky Dink Film at Craft Warehouse

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