TSupplies you need for Woodsy No Glue Garlandhis Maple Leaf Garland is a pretty way to welcome indoors the beauty of the outdoor world at this time of year. The garland looks great in a window, a doorway, across a mantle or just hanging on the wall.  The length of the garland depends on the size of branches you use, so you can make it as long or as short as you want.

This is a fun Autumn project you can do in a jiffy and it would be great to do with kids. At Craft Warehouse we sell all the items you need to make this, but you can also use the leaves and branches in your own backyard. Here is how we made it.


  1. We used here a bundle of tree branches that we sell in the Home Decor Department. They come tied together in three like is shown here. You could use branches from trees in your backyard. Just tie them all together with the jute cord tight so they make one big bundle.
  2. We took a Maple Leaf Garland from the Floral Department and cut it up to make short strings of maple leaves. You could use real leaves, too.
  3. Wrap the grapevines loosely around the bundle of wood.
  4. Tie jute cord to leaves and hang where you want from wood bundle.
  5. Use jute cord to create little loops ties to the wood bundle near the ends so you can use it to hang the garland.
  6. Enjoy your pretty new garland