View File to PrintWe’ve been having a lot of fun turning things into Buffalo Check with paint and painter’s tape. With this project, Sarah from our Design Team, took an unfinished wood frame and three color paints to create a Buffalo Check pattern that actually shows three variations of the same color. Don’t worry about perfection on these (or any) projects. Part of the charm is that little bits of paint might bleed over slightly.

Supplies for Painting a Frame Buffalo CheckSupply List:

  • 1 Unfinished Wood Frame
  • 1 Deco Art Acrylic Paint Dark Turquoise
  • 1 Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint White
  • 1 Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint Turquoise
  • Paint Brush
  • Painters Tape
  • 150 General Purpose Sandpaper
  • Jute String



1. Paint 2 coats of white acrylic paint with paintbrush. Allow to dry completely in between coats.

2. Using painters tape, tape horizontal lines on the frame, make sure you are giving the same space as the width of your tape between each piece of tape as shown in the photo. (we used a small piece of tape as a spacer)

3. Paint 2 coats inside the lines using sponge wedge and turquoise (lightest color) acrylic paint. Allow to dry in between coats.

4. Peel off tape, then tape vertical lines on the frame centering the tape like shown in the photo

Paint a Frame Buffalo Check

5. Mix 1 part Turquoise and 1 part Dark Turquoise to create a medium color.

6. Then paint the area where the white shows. (1-2 coats).

7. Once paint is dry add horizontal tape strips positioned over the area that was just painted.

8. Paint the remaining exposed turquoise squares with the Dark Turquoise acrylic paint.

Painting a Frame with Buffalo Plaid


9. Take off tape once it’s completely dry.

10. Lightly sand corners with fine grit sandpaper.

11. Wrap frame with jute string and add your favorite photo.


Learn how to make this Buffalo Check Frame