View File to PrintThis is an inspired project made by Sarah from our Craft Warehouse Design Team. She took one of the Heidi Swapp Neon Word Signs and attached it to a hoop in a hoop design. The end result has a real wow-factor and will wonder how you did it.

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•Heidi Swapp Neon Word
• Heidi Swapp Neon Cord
• Fabric Fat Quarter
• 2 – 12” Embroidery Hoops
• 2 – 6” Embroidery Hoops
• Fabric Glue & Glue Gun
• 1 – 12” Chip Board Sheet
• 1 – 12” White Card Stock Paper


  1. Place 6” embroidery hoop on to center of the fabric with the larger hoop on the back of the fabric.
  1. Place large embroidery hoop on top of the fabric with the larger hoop is on the front. Tighten the hoops.
  1. Cut fabric in the center of the small hoop and trim excess fabric around the outside of the large hoop.
  1. Place a piece of cardstock paper and trace around both hoops to give you a pattern.
  1. Cut pattern to fit inside the hoop and place in the center of the 2 hoops.
  1. Fold fabric to the back of the hoop and glue down using Fabric glue.

Make a Dream Hoop

  1. Using a glue gun, glue the second large and small hoop to the back as shown in the picture.
  1. Trace chipboard to cover the back of the hoop, then cut out.
  1. Place neon cord through the dream letters starting with the first letter “D”. This will help hide the cord for later.
  1. Glue the letter Dream to the front of the hoop using a glue gun, and bring the battery cord around to the back of the project.
  1. Cut 3” out of the bottom of the hoop so there is an opening to hold the battery box. Then cut a small notch for the wire on the left side of the hoop, like shown in the photo. Glue backing to the embroidery hoops
  1. Once the glue has dried place battery pack inside the hoop and turn on!

Make a Dream Hoop - How to

Neon Dream Sign on or off