View File to PrintAt Craft Warehouse we carry this great set of nesting measuring cups.  Katrina, from our Design team, decided to show them off in her sewing room (as well as her kitchen) by making pin cushions out of them. We think the result is charming. We love the vintage style and the way the pin cushions have a sturdy base so they stay put on the table. The different colors of the cups give you lots of options for coordinating fun fabrics. Also, if you don’t stuff the whole cup with the pin cushion you can use the inside for storing little things.

How to Make Measuring Cup Pin CushionsIf you like your pincushions stuffed with walnut shells or poly pellets, use the largest circle size.  You may want to make an inner bag for the walnut shells or poly pellets, which you’ll need to sew completely shut with small stitches (both walnut shells and poly pellets are available at Craft Warehouse).


  • Stacking measuring cups
  • 4 fabrics that coordinate with the cups
  • Poly fiber fill
  • Thread and needle
  • Optional: Aleene’s tacky glue, Olfa Rotary Circle Cutter

We’ve listed a range of circle sizes for each cup because some people like their pin cushions stuffed tightly and others, not so much! If you like yours tight and full, use the larger size.

  • 1½” cup size – 9”–12” circle
  • 1 cup size –  7”-10” circle
  • ½ cup size – 5”-7” circle
  • ¼” cup size – 3”-5” circle


  1. Using a double threaded needle with a large knot at the end, begin stitching ¼” from the edge of the circle, gently gathering as you go.
  2. When you get back to the starting stitch, evenly distribute the gathers.  Fill with the poly fil as desired and pull the stitches tightly by using the knotted end of thread and your needle end of the thread.
  3. Test the fullness by placing the “pillow” in the corresponding sized cup.  You may need to add or remove some filling.
  4. When you are happy with the fullness, tie the 2 ends of thread together.  (I tied several knots and took a few stitches to anchor it securely.  You may want to run a bead of glue near the top of the cup to hold it in place).