View File to PrintWe love the idea of having crafty decor items that you can change a bit for the seasons or the year.  Our Craft Warehouse Design Team created this pretty custom Heart Lantern with a glass bucket and spray paint. The image is created by printing a photo onto Vellum paper. This image doesn’t need to be fixed to the glass, so you can replace it each year or each season with whatever image you want to make.

How about having one of these for a celebration centerpiece and replacing the image for the honored recipient each time? So many options! Once the image is in place and lit up How to Make a Heart Lantern from Craft Warehousethe end result is dreamy and cozy – a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day! Here’s how you can make one for your Valentine this year. All craft supplies available at your local Craft Warehouse.




  1. Draw a heart shape and trace onto the back of a Vinyl Sticky Back sheet.
  2. Cut out heart shape with scissors
  3. Take the wire off the glass bucket and set aside. Wash glass with soapy water and dry.
  4. Place the vinyl heart on the front of the glass bucket.
  5. Spray paint the outside of the bucket with Montana Gold Acrylic spray paint in “Silver” color.
  6. Spray 4-5 light coats allowing to dry between coats. You don’t want to get the inside of the bucket. If you want crinkle a piece of paper and place it in the bucket. This will help with over spray.
  7. Print a 5×7 photo onto Vellum paper using an ink jet printer.
  8. Once the paint is dry slowly peel off the vinyl heart. Add wire holder back on the glass bucket.
  9. Cut the image paper down to position the photo so it fits in the glass bucket to show through the heart opening.  You don’t need to trim the sides of the photo vellum just the top and the bottom, this helps hold the vellum photo in place.
  10. Place photo in the bucket.
  11. Then add a candle!

Tip: Most of our electric candles have timers on them so if you turn them on they will run for 6 hrs and turn off for 18 hrs. Or you can add firefly lights if you want the photo to be brighter (many of our Firefly Lights also have timers on them).

Designed By Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse.