Here’s a brilliant idea for using these gorgeous Agate slices we have in the stores right now. It can be a 5-min craft by just gluing the agate onto the nightlight (use e6000 glue) or you can take a little time and gild the edges. You can do this with a metallic gold/silver/copper leaf pen or you can use Nuvo Gilding Flakes. The flakes come in Silver, Gold, and Copper. Use the Nuvo Glue Pen to adhere them to the edges. The result is a boutique-style nightlight that makes a lovely addition to any room and would be a great gift.


• Agate Slice
• Nightlight base
• Nuvo Gilding Flakes (we used gold here) or a Krylon Leafing Pen
• E6000 glue

Make an agate nightlight


  1. Clean off the agate and the back of the nightlight with a moistened cloth just to get any dust off
  2. Once dry, working in sections, adhere the glue to the edge of the agate with the Nuvo Pen and apply flakes of the gilding, or cover the edges with the Krylon pen.
  3. If you want to make sure the whole edge is gilded, make sure that you get glue in each crevice of the edge.
  4. Once the whole thing is gilded and dry, glue the back of the nightlight to the agate with E6000
  5. Tip: Make sure that you don’t position your agate so that you can’t turn your nightlight on or off.