Most families have at least one traditional recipe that family members look forward to every special occasion. Maybe it’s an entree, a side dish, or a dessert. Maybe it’s all three and more!

Here is a fun project is a great way to honor that recipe and the source of that recipe – Mom, Grandma or Great–Grandma! This wall art project, created by Sarah for Craft Warehouse, uses vintage recipe cards to make wall art that is perfect for a farmhouse or vintage style kitchen. Using the original recipe as a base for a decor item means you have a visual reminder of your families traditions you can view every day.  This would be a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

See this idea on tea towels >


• Inkjet Transfer Magic or PrintWorks Transfer Paper
• Tea Towel
• 8” & 6” Embroidery Hoop
• PomPom Ribbon Trim
• 1 Fat Quarter Fabric (for the sewn on recipe image)
• 2 Jelly Roll Fabric Strips
• Beacon Fabric Glue
• Sewing Machine (optional – you can use fabric glue instead)


(Note: You will need to reverse the print before printing on paper. If you don’t the text will be going the wrong way. Use any photo program to reverse or flip the image. See a tutorial here).

1. Print reversed recipe onto a transfer sheet following the directions on the package.
2. Cut out image and iron-on to Tea Towel following directions on the package.
3. Take hoop and separate the inside and outside pieces.
4. Cut Fabric strip in half width so its about .5” wide, then wrap each strip around the outside hoop and glue end to the embroidery hoop.
5. Place tea towel centering the vintage recipe image on to the bottom embroidery hoop, then place top hoop over the fabric and secure.
6. Trim towel and leave about a .25” towel, then glue inside the embroidery hoop with fabric glue.
7. Glue pompom ribbon to the back of the embroidery hoop.

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