Make this: Eerie Front Porch Ghost for Halloween

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This creepy, spooky, and chilling phantom was made with some cuddly, fuzzy and soft Cuddle Fleece fabric. It’s a Cuddle Ghost! Haunt your front porch with the Cuddle Ghost this Halloween or use it indoors and place a bowl of treats on it’s lap. The color changing LED Base Light really makes it a real show-stopper. This was made by Angie at the Beaverton Store. Supplies available at all stores.

• 1 yard of grey Cuddle fleece (we used Shannon Fabrics Charcoal Cuddle 3)
• 3 Stepping Stone Kits
• 2 plastic garbage bags
• 3” disposable paint brush
• 6″-8” hollow rubber play ball (this will be popped at the end)
• Clear spray sealer
• Duct tape
• Various plastic and cardboard recyclables:
a) 1  2-liter pop bottle
b). 2 20oz pop or juice bottles
c). 14” long cardboard tube


Making the body form:

1. Cover your work surface with a plastic garbage bag.
2. Fill 2-liter bottle with water for weight.
3. Cut a hole in the very center of the cardboard tube, large enough to fit over the neck of the 2-liter bottle so that it forms a T shape. Tape securely in place. This will form the shoulders of your ghost.
4. Place the rubber ball head toward the front of the shoulders and tape it securely in place. This will form the head of the ghost.
5. Lay two 20 ounce bottles in front of the 2 liters to form upper thighs. Position the entire body form near the edge of your work surface so that the last 3” of the smaller bottles hang off the edge of the table. (This forms the knees and allows the ghost to dangle his “feet” off the edge. Lightly tape them in place where they attach to the 2-liter bottle.
6. Cover this body form loosely with a garbage bag and tape it in place.

Draping the ghost:

1. Cut the cuddle fleece into two pieces: One 36 x 20 and one 36 x 40.
2. Open all of the stepping stone kits and remove the bags of concrete mix. (You can save the tiles for a later project. )
3. Soak the 36 x 20” fleece in water until it’s thoroughly wet.
4. Mix one bag of concrete mix with water until you have a texture similar to brownie batter.
5. Dip the fleece into the concrete and mix it around until it’s thoroughly coated in concrete. Drape this piece over the “lap” of your ghost. Be sure it covers the bottles and drapes off of the “knees” in the front.
6. Mix the remaining two bags of concrete mix to a brownie batter texture.
7. Dip the larger fleece into this batch of concrete, mix until it’s thoroughly coated, and drape over the head and around the shoulders of your ghost. Ball up the front corners of the fleece and place on the lap of your ghost as “hands” .
8. Use a paintbrush to apply all of the remaining concrete to the ghost. This is your chance to reinforce the edges and folds that will take most of the weight when your ghost is finished.
9. Allow to dry 48 hours.
10. Pop the rubber ball to deflate it and then carefully remove the body form through the bottom of the ghost. You’ll need to cut the tape and remove it all piece by piece.
11. Spray with a clear sealant.

Light up the inside of your ghost with a color changing LED Base Light!


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