All it takes is a little fabric stiffener and something to mold the doily around to create these dainty doily bowls. The pretty lacy bowls are a great accent on a bedroom vanity or an end table with an electric votive inside. Add a plastic vintage style knob on top to create a food cover that would be lovely for a garden luncheon or a tea party. 

All supplies available at Craft Warehouse


    • Doilies of various sizesSingle Doily Bowl from Craft Warehouse
    • Stiffy Fabric Stiffener
    • Bowls or glass containers to use as molds
    • Clear Vintage Style Plastic Knob – Optional
    • A junk bowl to pour the liquid into
    • Paper or plastic covering to protect workspace


Making Doily Bowls from Craft Warehouse


1. Make sure the doily you choose is right for the mold you have chosen. Drape it over and hold it tight to get an idea of how it will look

2. Pour some Stiffy liquid in a bowl. Put your doily in the bowl and coat it in the Stiffy. Make sure both sides are completely saturated

3. Mold the wet doily over the turned over bowl and smooth it out how you want it.

4. Let dry overnight

5. Once dry, just take it off. It should come off easily once it is completely dry

6. If you want to add a knob to make a food cover style doily, just glue the knob to the top of the cover with E6000 glue.



How to Make a Lace Doily Food Cover from Craft Warehouse