Crystals and plants are two things people love right now – with good reason. First off, they’re lovely to look at. Secondly, both of them are said to add to the overall health and well being of a space.

All good reasons to put them together to refresh a favorite corner of your home or office.  We combined our air plants with our geodes and wrapped them together with some rose gold wire. What a pretty way to bring some new energy into your home – or someone else’s home. They make a unique gift. Combine several to make a crystal air plant garden. All supplies available at Craft Warehouse.

Supplies for making an air plant crystal display


  • Crystal of choice
  • 18 gauge tarnish-resistant Wire (we used Rose Gold from Wire Elements)
  • Air plant
  • Hot glue gun
  • felt
wrap wire around cupcake geode

With this Cupcake Geode, we simply wrapped the wire around it. No glue needed.


  1. If you area using a cupcake geode or a shaped crystal that allows you to simply wrap around the crystal (see photo above) you may not need any glue at all. Play with that option first to avoid gluing crystal.
  2. If you are using a crystal that you can’t or don’t want to wrap then begin forming your wire to fit your air plant the way you want it to. Pay attention to making sure you have enough wire to glue to the base of the crystal and that it will be tall enough once the air plant is sitting in the space you’ve created.
  3. Place your crystal on a piece of paper and trace around the base of it.
  4. Cut out the shape from the paper and use that paper to cut out the same shape in felt.
  5. Glue some of the wire to the bottom of the crystal
  6. Once secure, glue the cut-out felt over it.
  7. Let that dry and then add your air plant to the wire.

Geode Crystal Air Plant Display

Beautiful! You’re done.