Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink from Ranger used to create the Alcohol Ink Mug

Alcohol Ink is an amazing art medium that can be used in many ways. It works best with non-pourous materials. We love using alcohol inks on our ceramic mugs and tiles. You can create lovely gifts and home decor with just the colors and style you want very easily.

You can learn more about all the ways you can use alcohol inks in this post >

Watch the video below to get directions and tips on making these pretty mugs.

Please note: we have not been able to find a good way to safely seal the alcohol ink on ceramic at this time. These mugs are best used as a decorative item.



Alcohol Ink with gilding flakes on ceramic tiles

• Alcohol Inks (We used Ranger Alcohol Inks by Tim Holtz) – 3 complementary colors, one soft, one medium and one bold, and 1 metallic color.
• Ranger Alcohol Blending Solution by Tim Holtz
• White Ceramic Mug
• Rubbing Alcohol (for clean up)


  • Protect your clothes and workspace – alcohol inks can be difficult to get out.
  • Have Rubbing Alcohol and paper towels nearby for clean up
  • Take the tops off all your bottles before you begin


• The alcohol bottles are designed to have the ink come out in an easy flow. No need to squeeze – just point and draw as you need.
• Let each layer dry for about a bit before the next layer. The tackier the ink is before the next layer goes on the better the inks will show
• Apply the boldest color carefully. Use less of it, so it doesn’t overtake the whole thing.
• Apply the metallic color conservatively, as well, try to follow some lines with the metallic.