View File to PrintBuffalo Check + Mason Jar? Yes, please. This striking mason jar was created by Sarah from our Design Team. She created some awesome detailed instructions so you can see easily how this was created. All it takes is some sponges, paint and some painter’s tape. What else could you do with this technique?


Supply List:Supplies to paint Buffalo Check Mason Jar

  • 1 Quart Mason Jar
  • 1 Americana Chalky Finish Paint Colors: Everlasting (white), Innocence (light pink) and Reminisce (dark pink)
  • Loew Cornell Spongit Wedges
  • 3M Painters Tape
  • 150 General Purpose Sandpaper



1. Wash and dry mason jar.

2. Paint 3 layers of White Chalky Paint with sponge wedges. Sponge wedges adhere the paint to glass better and give cleaner lines. Apply by dabbing. Allow to dry completely in between coats. (Tip: Thinner layers are better so it dries evenly)

3. Using painters tape, tape vertical lines on the jar, make sure you’re giving the same space as the width between each piece of tape as shown in the photo below. (the lines won’t come together perfectly in the back of the jar)

4. Paint 2 coats inside the lines using sponge wedge and Innocence (light pink) Chalky Paint. Allow to dry in between coats.

5. Peel off tape.

Making a Buffalo Check Mason Jar


6. Tape lines going horizontally as shown in the photo below. Paint using the same color of light pink. (1-2 coats).

7. Remove tape and let dry

Mason Jar Buffalo Check Paint Instructions

8. Place tape covering all of the white squares going vertically and horizontally.

9. Using a wedge sponge, paint in between the tape with Reminisce (dark pink) paint.

10.Take off tape once it’s completely dry.

Painting a Mason Jar with Buffalo Check

Buffalo Check Mason Jar